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WordPress Hosting

Just £72/year

WordPress hosting for all types of websites

There are two types of WordPress hosting available:

(1) Hosting Only – We’ll provide as much web space and bandwidth as you require, and you take care of everything else (such as backups and updates) yourself. Just £72/year.

(2) Fully Managed – Fully hosted and fully managed, all for one price! We backup your website as often as you need us to, keep everything secure, and update all of your themes and plugins, including WordPress itself of course. Ask us for prices.

Why is it important to maintain my website?

In an ideal world a website would simply run itself. However in reality it’s important to keep it maintained to avoid running into all sorts of problems.

With our fully managed service we keep your websites themes and plugins up-to-date, take a backup of your website every time a change is made, and keep everything safe and secure. We’ll even install Google Analytics as a complementary extra so that you can track the number of visitors to your website.

Lack of maintenance leaves your websites with security vulnerabilities, making hacking more likely, and means parts of your website are more likely to break or not work properly. It also means there’s no backup of your website to revert to if something does go wrong.

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