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A website should be the ace in your marketing arsenal!

You can pack more promotional content into a website than virtually anywhere else your customers or clients are likely to look, so getting it right is essential. For many your website will be the first impression they experience of your company. Here’s how getting this wrong can impact upon your sales conversion: Responsive-Web-Design

  • Not having a mobile-friendly website: Internet users now spend around 50% of their time online using a smartphone or tablet device. If your website doesn’t display correctly how likely is to that a customer will turn on their desktop computer or laptop to view it? Highly unlikely! In a matter of seconds your prospective customer will have moved onto one of your competitors websites.
  • A dated or ineffective design: On the plus side this may give the impression that your prices are cheap, but people are far less likely to value the product or service you offer! A sleek, modern and easy-to-use design gives a totally different impression and will attract more valuable, long-term business.
  • Unclear marketing messages: The moment somebody visits your website its purpose should be clear. Messages should be carefully crafted with clear calls to action. If a prospective customer has to search too hard to find out what your about then they’ll simply give up and look elsewhere. Similarly if your marketing messages aren’t simple and effective enough then you won’t win any new business.
  • Poor links to social media: Just as your social media profiles should link to your website, so your website should link back again! Not every customer will take the same route before making a purchasing decision. Some will have arrived at your website via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn etc, whilst others who’ve clicked on your website from a search engine may then want to check you out on social media profiles afterwards.
  • Lack of quality content and keywords: Though search engines such as Google now penalise websites for littering pages with multiple instances of keywords, their use is still vitally important. Your keywords still need to be there somewhere – just a single instance naturally included as part of some quality content is the best way to do this.

Of course, there’s many more examples of how an ineffective website can loose you business. To discuss how your business would benefit send an email to contact@mattbarberinteractive-co-uk.stackstaging.com or visit our website: http://mattbarberinteractive-co-uk.stackstaging.com

About me: I’m Matt, the founder of Matt Barber Interactive Ltd. I’m a web designer, developer and digital expert. I provide the advice and the know-how to really progress your business online.

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