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FREE IMAGES: The top 10 websites to find free images!

FREE IMAGES: The top 10 websites to find free images

Do you struggle to find professional images for your website, social media posts or marketing materials? There are plenty of websites out there that charge you for the right to download and use their images, but far fewer that you can use free of charge for both personal and commercial purposes.

So here goes, the top 10 websites we recommend for free images:

(1) Pexels: One of the largest, and most professional libraries of free images available. They add 100 new images every single day. The website is super easy to use and isn’t too overloaded with advert banners like some of the other websites. We would highly recommend checking them out.

(2) Stock Up: We consider this one joint top along with Pexels. They provide an index of nearly 15,000 excellent quality images from over 28 different websites. Again its really easy to use without too many ads. One downside with the images sourced from so many different websites is that occasionally an image is no longer available after you click to view it.

(3) Pixabay: I have been using Pixabay the longest out of all of the image websites. It has some highly professional looking images, but you do have to filter through the rubbish to find the gems here. It can also be a little irritating if you don’t wish to sign up – you are forced to enter a photo code each time.

(4) Gratisography: A much smaller selection, but what they do have is truly awesome. There’s some really quirky and eyecatching stuff here that can work really well in marketing campaigns.

(5) Pexels Videos: OK so this one is technically cheating a little since I’ve already mentioned Pexels, but the chances are if your looking for images, you may at some point want some free background style images to use too. They tend to be less than 30 seconds too, which makes them ideal to use as header/slider backgrounds on websites.

(6) Morguefile: They state they have 350,000 free stock photos for commercial use. These tend to be more amateur rather than professional photos though. Watch out for the first row of images at the top which are promotions for a paid website.

(7) ISO Republic: They offer exclusive free stock photos, but within a small selection of categories. There tends to be more nature and architecture photos here.

(8) Unsplash: High resolution professional looking images, with submissions from the users of the website. Always check each photo too see what the usage policy is.

(9) Superfamous: A great selection of professional photos, mainly of landscapes and city life.

(10) Startup stock photos: A great selection of business related photos.

So there you go, that’s my ultimate top 10 of free images websites. If you know of any websites you think I should have included send me a message, and I’ll be happy to add them to the list.

A quick disclaimer: whilst the majority of images on these websites should be completely free to use as you wish, always check the small print on individual image pages. They should nearly always say  whether they are free for both personal and commercial use. Matt Barber Interactive Ltd accept no responsibility should you inadvertently use a copyrighted image.


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