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  • Choose from our selection of online toppings to keep your business moving online. You can choose any service in any quantity. A full list is available further down the page.
  • Pick n’ Mix what you need, and we’ll advise you how much time we think will be needed per week to achieve it. Our service starts from as little as 2 hours per week, up to a maximum of 8 hours.
  • We don’t just get to know your business – you can treat us as an extra member of staff – on call to undertake your every online need.
  • We provide support via email, telephone or video conferencing (Skype), and monthly visits to local (Plymouth-based) businesses.
  • There’s not much we can’t do. Our clients expect the best of us and we deliver. Whether we’re adding new content to your website, updating your social media, researching a topic for you online, or creating a stylish email campaign to go out to all your subscribers, we always strive to offer the best we can.
Lists of tasks available
  • Social media account management: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Posts, marketing messages, changes to design and settings, activities aimed at increasing number of followers/connections.
  • Website-related tasks: Updates to plugins, security scans, complete site backups, adding, modifying and deleting sections of text and images, ecommerce product entry, optimisation of content for search engines. *Website-related tasks can only be guaranteed on sites built using WordPress, and do not include changes to the design or layout of the website itself.
  • Research: Online research into products/services, developments within your industry, and competitors websites and digital strategies.
  • Email marketing campaigns: Tasks completed with access to your Mailchimp account. Campaigns can be designed based on the guidance you provide, and will be sent directly to your list of subscribers.
  • Copywriting: Drafting of text for a range of purposes including promotional materials, website copy, product descriptions. Adequate guidance and resources must be provided.
  • Communications: Email, phone and video support with staff within your company. This may include technical support for issues we are able to cover.
  • Basic data entry: Entry of data into range of applications including Microsoft Word and Excel, or online systems where access can be provided. Please ask us what software is covered.

Have a different task in mind? Talk to us to see whether this can be covered.

Package Prices

2 hrs/week: £240 per month

3 hrs/week: £360 per month

4 hrs/week: £480 per month

6 hrs/week: £720 per month

Talk to us: If you have slightly different requirements to what’s on offer here tell us about them. We’ll do our best to put together a custom package for you.

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